It's like hiking, but with an airplane...



 A young mans dream to build an airplane and fly it the length of the Americas. 

featured in EAA Sport Aviation (August 2020) Magazine!

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Project Phases

Build vs Buy

The decision to build vs buy was tough. For the same money you can buy a decent working Cessna, however, you don’t have the same level of control and versatility as what you get with the fabulous Carbon Cub EX-2.

Build Progress

The airplane is complete after 2,500 hours of build time!!! Click to see some of our progress photos…

Pan-Americana Trip

How the heck are two people going to flying in a tandem kit airplane from Alaska to the bottom of South America? Click more info to find out how.


The visionary and worker behind this project. Tobias has been working on getting to this point for the past 3 years. His focus is to complete the build of his airplane with any spare time he has minus the part when he got a girlfriend.


 The supporter of this project.  Jackie joined the project about 1.5 years ago as Tobias’s copilot.  Having initially left the building primarily to Tobias, she has since taken up the position as ‘chief mechanic’ and project administrator as she also handles Cub Trekking’s social media and the Pan-Americana trip planning.

Where is this happening?

The Carbon Cub EX-2 build started in a two car garage and has since moved into an hangar.

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