Build vs Buy

What is the right path?

Ever considered building your own airplane? Well Tobias spent 2 years deliberating on whether he should build or buy an airplane. Here is some of his through process on making the final decision to build a Carbon Cub EX – 2 rather than buy one, even through the price difference was just $70,000 USD.

After a year of research (checking out different airplanes) and another year deliberating if he wanted to spend that much money or just keep renting airplanes.  With the renting airplanes, you get it and something is inevitably not working properly which is extremely annoying and potentially dangerous.  In addition, Tobias really likes knowing how things work and the best way to learn more about how airplanes work was by building one himself.

So in the end, his final decision was to build a Carbon Cub EX – 2. Check his build progress here.